Psycho-Pass 2 (PASH! Nov 2014) .

*coming out as a PP fan?*

(I saw the 1st episode last night and there’s quite a lot I’d like to say about the casting and the implications but what I really care about is Ginoza. GINOZA MAI POR BAE as long as Ginoza is happy I don’t give a shit. Oh no, I do give a shit about dah les ship but yeah that’s pretty much it.)

You are more than welcome to translate the pages If you have difficulty reading the text, I am happy to share the raw scans with you.

Scan request currently open.

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merry valentines i hope ur smoother than aliens

these aliens just get lesser and lesser suave 

Don’t forget Mordin’s “Your lower eyelids did a thing, but I’m not interested in you or the army of people trying to bang me” or Morinth’s “You’ll totally survive the brain hemorrhage I’m about to give you.”

Actually because Photosets only allow 10 pictures I couldn’t be bothered to upload some and left out a few, seeing as I didn’t think it’d get any notes.

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Title: Enigmatic Feeling
Artist: Ling tosite sigure
Played: 6822 times

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Anonym: hi! i was wondering if you read any k project fic/if you have any recs if you do? i love your art style/characterization/comic writing so I was just wondering!

Well, I tend to read mostly angst-y/sad things. Like So Scatter Like Flower Petals . Also what sort of rating do you want?Though, I tend to not read that many K fanfics, so I have no idea how good my recommendations would be.

And thank you! I’m glad you like them /o/ I’m actually supposed to be drawing some more sarumi comics and a fanfic but I barely have the time. 

special poster with memory of k vol.2


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Let’s go on a date, Ryuko-chan!!!!!

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