Title: Type-0
Artist: Sydney Symphony Orchestra
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Psycho Pass 2 full PV


ok but now I’m really going to have to save up to get a ps4 Type-0 machine

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Rather than a person who hurts others, become the person who gets hurt.

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ain’t nobody fresher 

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Anonym: Do you have any drawing tips for someone who is trying to work at getting better at drawing people? Mostly video game/anime characters? :-)

Well, to be honest, not really? After all it all depends how you want to draw them.

In general, I’d just say to first work a bit on getting down kind of how anatomy works before going to stylization (since it influences stylization and is the difference between stylization that is actually really eye pleasing and the one that is not). Plus video game characters tend to follow realistic proportions (usually), so drawing from real life by either using pictures online at first or actual models will be helpful. Also, I’d say that naked models/models in their underwear work better since then you can really see how the body behaves. But don’t go out of your comfort zone- if you don’t want naked people then don’t use them.

The other general thing is obviously to draw a lot. It also helps if you know the character’s design since I find that (well at least in my art) when I don’t look at ref the characters, the drawing seems less static and more smooth.

Since video game and anime characters tend to have pretty crazy designs, if you want to draw them kind of realistically, there will obviously be a difference between your drawing and the original because you are changing them from one art style to another.

Oh and going back to the drawing them by not looking at ref thing, I think that is a good thing to develop your own style since it’d be just you drawing what’s in your head.

AND ONE LAST THING! Don’t be afraid of using guidelines or breaking down the human body into its simplest geometry. Once you get a better hand at these things of course you can skip these steps.

OK I LIED THE LAST THING IS don’t be afraid to make the character’s face not perfect like add lines under the eyes or besides the mouth when they frown or having a neutral face

I usually find that it can look really nice.

So all in all, what I can say is really to just practice, don’t be afraid of giving the character blemishes/wrinkles/bags under the eyes, and have fun /o/ Which is the most important part.

(as you notice my art style changes a lot and hey that stuff happens, so don’t be concerned)