what part is Joe Jonas the protagonist of

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I cannot draw Munakata but here is the party selfie they were taking.

There should be more Awashima everywhere that is all.

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Persona 5 TGS Trailer

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The Protagonist of P5

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Happy birthday, Awashima-san!



Anonym: Hey, is Tokyo Ghoul a good anime? I want to watch it, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Oh, and if u watched Assassination School can u tell me if that's a good anime as well? Thank you~

In both cases, I read the manga. But I thought they were both super good. Though my friends who are watching the Tokyo Ghoul anime don’t seem to like it- they said it messed up the flow of the story. So it would be better to read it if you have the time.

I actually didn’t know that the anime for Assassination Classroom was already out, at least an OVA. I am watching it right now (almost half way through) and it seems to follow the part of the manga they are animating really closely, so I’d say to give its anime a chance.

Someday, together.

We’re two stars that share one name.